Monday, January 12, 2009

And we're back

It's been a much needed break, but we're back on the road. Endinburg Texas, thank you for a great time. Gotta be honest, after not playing with the band for about a month, the old fingers forgot what a bass guitar is. I finally got the kinks worked out, but it took the whole night. Having said that, that last note i played was majestic. The community down there is amazing. I can't say much about the Eco Hotel. The water out of the shower was flesh tone. My flesh, tone. Oh well. It's kinda like the old adage, don't eat the yellow snow. Well don't shower with the brown water.

We now have two weeks off before hitting the road again. Kenny and i are playing with a friends band "Dreamstate". It'll be fun.

C'est tout


Misael™ said...

What’s up Kemi. How are you doing? Thank you for coming to South Texas, you all have a humble home down here. I couldn’t believe how you got into the band. You just couldn’t escape God’s call. Hope you got to try some of our food. God Bless you, keep you in his grace and cloth you with his armor.

Baldemar said...

I want to thank you and the rest of the band for taking time to perform for us in Edinburg this past weekend. It was an awesome event. I was invited by Gorge Tinoco to take photos of the entire event and would like to share some of them with the band. I think you'll be pleased. God Bless you and the rest of the band. Hope you guys come back to visit us soon.
Baldemar Castillo

Joe said...

Hey Kemi, what's up brother... last I saw you was at REC in Anaheim, but also Inspiration at Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA and also WYD Australia! (How crazy...and cold was that?!) Keep up the great work and my prayers are always with you guys. I started an graphic apparel line for Christian clothing called PAL Campaign ( and gave you a few shirts at ARISE conference last May. Just wondering if you liked them, and wanted your feedback...peace!